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Tamera from Montana - AIM participant since January 2011
Testimonial provided December 2013

Tamera believes she used the AIM Program to self-heal her symptoms from psoriasis and "the back pain that had been a constant companion for decades has departed." In addition, her self-assurance and confidence are off the charts.
Tags: Back pain; Colds; Confidence; Energy; Found my voice; Happier; Pain; Psoriasis; Self-assured; Well-being;

My name is Tamera and I live in Montana. I had been working on regaining my health through energy balancing and clearing for about 4 years before discovering the AIM Program through one of Kevin Trudeau's books that my mom gave me. One of the conditions I had been dealing with for the past two and a half years was psoriasis, and the only thing that gave me relief was a biofeedback device, I thought "Woo Hoo" to myself and immediately applied. That was in February 2011. Within a couple of weeks on AIM the swelling and itching had almost disappeared, and over the course of the next 14-15 months, all of the scaly spots went away and the scarring has pretty much faded into nonexistence as well.

Although the psoriasis is no longer part of my life, many other areas of my life have shifted. I also credit the energetic balancing received and maintained by participating in AIM with the vibrant well being I experience on a daily basis. I never get colds or anything that seems to be going around, heal with what seems to be an amazing speed when I injure myself, and overall just feel happy and energetic and eager to meet each day. The back pain that had been a constant companion for decades has departed, I am certainly more self-assured and confident and seem to have "found my voice" so to say (pun intended). AIM? Likely a big part of it, at least in my mind. I am self-employed and have chosen to forgo expensive health insurance that I am unlikely to use and consider my continued participation in the AIM Program the best health (or continued wellness) insurance out there. I can say that overall I feel younger and experience less pain in every area of my body than I did 3 years ago, due in large part I think to the AIM Program and the clearing of non-useful energy frequencies and plan to continue with EMC² and their program as far into the future as I can see.

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